What's this site all about then?

Why All The Anger?

So many British Blogs seem to be about picking sides (that, in reality, don't exist anymore), screaming at religious types like they're Nietzsche's angry ghost or filling the void with every miniscule detail related to their existence.

This site isn't like that; I only write about surprising stories. If it's weird, odd, funny or something that I can take this piss out of it'll be here. So enjoy the site, pass on your suggestions and mention it to your friends. But if you're looking for a site that takes itself very seriously and wants you to be afraid of the world and the people around you go somewhere else, you won't find it here. There's more to life than being afraid and angry.






Because there's more to life than hyperbole, picking sides and not taking the time to visit this page. So thanks for dropping by!
Why All The Anger?
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