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Here comes the Diabetes!easter-egg-birds-hatched

It's Easter Friday, and you know what that means right? Yep, millions of children/grown up children everywhere will be eating masses of chocolate eggs until they're so full their wee will have a slight brownish hue to it.

There's also some religious thing going on but I promised to stay away from subjects like politics and religion for fear of upsetting people. Let's just say 2.5 billion folks will be doing more than just eating chocolate today.

I ate my Easter eggs days ago but I'm hoping that my continued growth as a human being (I no longer laugh at homeless midgets when I see them) will entitle me to further cocoa based goodness.

I'm not fussy really, any old milk chocolate based egg plus extras will do. I'm not a huge fan of darker chocolate, however, if there were a disaster that rendered the world incapable of producing the milky kind I'd be more than happy to convert.

Sticking to your guns when it comes to confectionery is one of the more stupid things you can do in life, just get the sugar in your system and get on with things...unless being a food snob is your life.

Chocolate with a very high cocoa content is increasingly being stocked in High Street shops, having largely been sold by specialist or artisan chocolatiers in the past.

Hotel Chocolat sells four different bars with 100% cocoa content in its branches, while Swiss company Lindt has 99% cocoa bars in UK shops and supermarkets. The companies don't release sales figures for commercial reasons, but say there is a growing demand for the stuff.

"It's been a bit of a surprise success for us and at times we have found it difficult to keep up with demand," says Angus Thirlwell, co-founder of Hotel Chocolat. "The bars are now the strongest selling part of our premium range. People often try the bars out of curiosity and stay with them, others gradually migrate up the cocoa scale to the nirvana that is 100%."

"You get wine connoisseurs, you get cheese connoisseurs, now there is a growing number of chocolate connoisseurs. A chocolate can be as complex and specialist as a fine wine."

Great, that's all we need. Idiots loitering in news agents swilling chocolate around their mouths before spitting it into a bucket and saying, "Mmm...lovely, what a wonderful nose this has!"

Is it the height of ignorance for me - someone who isn't at all fussy about what they consume - to question the judgement and motivations of someone who takes pride in what they eat? Probably yes, but there's taking pride in your food and then there's fetishising it. If you ain't getting enough boom boom at home don't turn your attention to food and drink, it'll only lead to your downfall. Also, keep your penis away from my Easter eggs.


Source: BBC


Idiot vs Twitter, who will win?george-galloway-parody-angry-funny-twitter

Politicians, even the middle of the road ones, are usually amongst the most despised people on the planet.

There are lots of reasons for that, but the most common one is this: policy makers are put in positions of power because they convince us that they are the right person for the job.

Those same people who made such grandiose promises are hit hard by the inevitable backlash that occurs whenever anything goes wrong in the lives of the electorate.

They made themselves the embodiment of our expectations so it's only fair they get battered when they don't live up to those expectations.

I've known quite a few politicians in my life and most of them are just good honest people with lofty ambitions (an admirable quality really), however there are some that have such massive personality disorders they can't help making tits of themselves at every chance they get. Anyway enough of that tangent, let's see what's going on with George Galloway?

George Galloway says Twitter should face ‘sanctions’

What now?

It might be used by huge numbers of Britons. But MP George Galloway has accused Twitter of failing to fully co-operate with the British authorities when it comes to detecting crime.

And the social networking site should face “sanctions” until it does, according to the Respect MP for Bradford West.

Mr Galloway has taken his call to parliament by tabling an early day motion, which are used by MPs to raise issues of concern but rarely results in a debate in the House of Commons.

The motion is titled “Twitter and the detection of crime” and says the site is a widely used mode of social networking and that it is a US-based enterprise, whose “primary motivation” is to maximise its profits.

It also claims that the site is used for a variety of criminal activities, including sending malicious communications, but accuses Twitter of refusing to cooperate with the UK authorities in general and the police in particular in trying to detect the source of criminal communications "unless it is a matter of life and death" to be determined by the site.

The motion says “this failure to cooperate with the detection of the sources of criminal behaviour is reprehensible; and calls on the government to impose sanctions on Twitter until it agrees to fully cooperate with the UK authorities and police in the detection of crime”.

Shit George, you might want to pick your causes a little better next time. We have terrible youth unemployment, stagnant growth, various sections of society splintering into extreme groups due to a heightened sense of alienation and you want to fuck with Twitter?! You aren't going to win this one Mr. Respect.

It's like The War on Terrorism; you can't win a War on Terrorism because the day when everyone wakes up and decides to stop hating you is never going to come. You might as well do what King Canute (allegedly) did and order the tide to stop because you want it to. Silliness George, plain unadulterated silliness, and not the good kind where you're licking milk from a saucer on national television.



Happy Birthday to me!birthday-cake-cat-funny-lonely-candles-party

Woooo! Birthday! Partaaaayyyyyyy!!! Well, actually I'm not having a party. I kind of despise parties; they require me to be enthusiastic, attentive and awake for hours at a time. Those are 3 things I'm not good at for more than 45 minutes at a time.

When you hit a certain age presents and birthdays become much less of an event than when you were a kid and the excitement of gifts, cake and a magician nearly pushed you over the edge of sanity weeks before the event.

It's become such a non-event I almost forgot it was today, although that's more to do with my poor memory, something I've inherited along with early onset grey hair and megalomania.

As it's my birthday I've decided to go slightly light on the workload front, I just wanted to do this update to say thank you for staying loyal, regularly visiting my site and reading my slightly troubling rants.

Nothing is going to stop me from continuing my work here, not poverty, ill health or Google's ridiculous/possibly illegal new Image Search policy which hotlinks all of my pictures, meaning you don't have to visit my site to see them, thereby hurting my and everybody else's traffic (and stealing bandwidth).

So once again thank you for visiting, if you like what you see you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/whyalltheanger?) or follow my Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/whyalltheanger). Have a great week, enjoy yourselves and go fuck yourself Google.



Some people never learnnadine-coyle-girls-aloud-bitch-split-up

Ok yes that picture is a little extreme, but I'm sure it's not too far from what some of the other people involved with Girls Aloud think of Nadine Coyle right now.

Girls Aloud have split up, and the usual press based post-mortem into how such a tragedy could have happened has begun. Sadly one person has put themselves in the firing line by not watching what they say.

When the group originally took a hiatus a few years ago many observers interpreted the move as a "we have to take a break before we kill each other" type of situation, and out of those observers most pointed the finger of blame squarely at Nadine.

They cited various reports/hatchet pieces that seemed to suggest that Coyle was high maintenance, demanding and apparently bordered on the needier end of the narcissism scale.

Even the usually quiet and private PR guru (whatever the fuck that means) Max Clifford got involved by stating that her handling of the media had created a negative view of her amongst the record buying public.

His assertions appeared to be spot on when her debut solo album sold just 150 copies in its first day of release. 150 copies! I could release a CD featuring nothing but the sound of me kicking a Teletubby to death and it'd still sell more than 150 copies.

All that seemed to be in the past though since, for the last 2 years at least, there hasn't been a sniff of negative press about her behaviour. Maybe this is a new Nadine! Maybe she's had a crash course in media handling and reevaluated her approach to life and...oh fuck, here we go again.

Girls Aloud are said to be furious with bandmate Nadine Coyle after sheTweeted fans that the group's decision to split had nothing to do with her

After the girl group announced they were splitting up for good last week, Nadine took to Twitter to say she 'couldn't stop' Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh from going their seperate ways.

In the tweet to fans, Nadine wrote: "You should know by now I had no part in any of this split business. I couldn't stop them. I had the best time & want to keep going." Following the tweet, sources close to the group say the girls' relationship with Nadine is more strained than ever.

Well this isn't really a nasty remark like the time she had a go at Cheryl's performance on the X-Factor, but it is pretty poorly considered. I'm almost certain she was trying to let fans know that the split wasn't because the members of the group hate one another, thereby lessening the blow of the break up for them.

I'm also certain that the press are over-exaggerating the response to this tweet. Yes the girls might have been quite angry at the time but, when you rationalise the possible reasons behind her saying something like this, the motives become less self serving and more commendable. In many ways you could say that Nadine is an American hero...no lets not go nuts, she's still a bit on the careless side.


Source: The Huff Post


So now this is happeningvincent-cassel

Danny Boyle, he of the amazing talent and generation defining films, is back (with a vengeance? No, he doesn't really have anything to avenge does he) in the realm of filmage and he's decided to delve into the fascinating genre of thrillers for his new offering.

As is the norm with one of Hollywood's top directors he has the best actors at his disposal and this time round he's gone for the interesting mix of James McAvoy, classy fox Rosario Dawson and my favourite actor still alive and working today, Vincent Cassel.

Why isn't he my favourite actor of all time? Because as good as he is the dude still can't touch Alec Guinness. I mean how many actors do you know that could convincingly play 7 different members of the same family without having to resort to stereotypes or fat suits (like Eddie Murphy always seems to)? None. Exactly, untouchable.

Anyway, I digress; this film looks pretty cool. It's too soon to tell if it's as ground-breaking/original/good as Boyle's other films (except "Millions" which was a rare miss), but with his track record you'd be a fool to bet against this film being anything but a bucket load of fun.

As a trained knower of good things (I have two degrees and years of experience in the insane world of the media) I would highly recommend you see this film and ladies, you can thank me for the picture of Vincent Cassel on Twitter.




Inconsiderate Travellers #29: The Clusterfuck Editiontrain-plug-socket-not-working

It seems slightly unfair that I'm using this faulty plug socket as the visual reference for what was yet another miserable journey down south, but it was really the straw that broke the camels back.

First to the main issue; my journey (which normally takes 5 hours) was delayed by 1 hour and 40 minutes. Yep, a whopping 100 minutes. The reasons for the delay were legion but let me start with the minor (but no less excusable) quibbles I have with my Virgin Trains journey.

The train I got on at Chester was already 15 minutes late, not a great start. Then after making myself comfortable I realised that my carriage had faulty heating, which meant my journey was probably going to give me the dreaded unsightly male sweat patches.

On top of the overly hot carriage it quickly became apparent that the toilet just outside the entrance had a faulty door. The heat, combined with the stench that wafted through the entrance, caused the carriage to smell like a combination of sweaty feet and vomit.

Later we were reassured that the overhead cable problems at Milton Keynes that had resulted in massive delays all morning were now resolved, which meant we could be on our way. I was only half an hour late so far, not too bad all things considered.

Sadly that changed when my train arrived a Rugby where we were informed that there had been a "fatality" at Bletchley, and the train wouldn't be going anywhere until the clean up crew had been able to carry out their unenviable duties.

The result was a stationary wait inside a stinky train which, for some reason, was still running. The added shaking of the carriage turned my delay into an hour long tumble dry in a chrome sauna with a distinctive faecal aroma.

Then, after finally getting underway again, I tried to plug my phone in for a quick charge only to quickly discover that the socket didn't work. I probably would have cried at this point if I hadn't sweated all of the liquid out of my body. Maybe I should drive down next time, at least that way I know that any unpleasant smells that waft my way are coming from me. I find that thought oddly comforting.



Tuesday is all about fun!understanding-the-media-logo

Wow! What a weird 48 hours! The train journey down South yesterday was a bit of a nightmare for various reasons (which will be explained fully tomorrow in an epic Inconsiderate Travellers post) and the problems continued this morning with the local internet not playing ball with my Welsh lap top. Nationalistic technology ay!?

Fortunately the good stuff has outweighed the bad. My lady bought me some awesome Birthday presents and I'm going to one of my favourite places in the world tomorrow to watch The Life Of Pi in luxurious surroundings!

So, for now, please enjoy this video I created when I was bored on Sunday. It's another video/radio play type thing that I've been wanting to make for years but have only recently built up the courage to do.

If you like it and are on YouTube please give it an old fashioned like and subscribe to my channel, I make 2-3 videos a month so I'm a moderate user. I prefer that number to some of the users who create 5 videos a day, all of which suck.




Birthday tripoffice-in-a-shed

So it's time for me to disappear down south again. Like various types of birds, marine mammals and travellers I like to move around a lot, it's fun and a great way to raise your blood pressure.

As a result of my mobile office relocating for the 1000th time the rules on the site are as follows: There will be no updates on Monday the 18th of March or Thursday the 21st of March, those are my super special fun train travelling days! Yay!

To keep you entertained for the time being here's something I did yesterday which maybe become a regular thing depending on how popular it is! Have a nice weekend folks.

Understanding The Media: Module 1 - Hellmans TV Advertising Circa 1980

An online resource for those wishing to further comprehend the world of the media. (Parody if you hadn't already guessed)



Exciting trailer time!star-trek-into-darkness-2

In between featuring strange stories and taking the piss out of really stupid situations I sometimes like to feature the best and most interesting trailers on release.

This one is a personal favourite of mine, not just because it's the latest sneak peek into the wonderful world of Star Trek Into Darkness but mostly because it shows a more relaxed, communal and comical side to the characters.

The first trailer was all a bit dark and menacing, this one makes the film look like a much more rounded experience.

So sit back, relax, and marvel at the wonders of Simon Pegg gurning at a massive fish.



Get on with it NASAstar-wars-luke-skywalker-tatooine-desert

You know one of the reasons JFK is remembered with such fondness? It's partly his 'man of the people' charm and his statesman like approach that won people over so easily, also his skirt chasing ways didn't hurt either, but, in reality, it was mostly down to his policies and the way he presented them.

One of the more unique policies/proclamations was "We choose to go to the moon" which was his way of saying, "I'm choosing to save the space programme and, as a result, an army of nerds will follow in the next generation and invent the modern world, so get used to it people" quite a risk for a young president.

So NASA went full steam ahead and eventually, after getting their asses kicked by the Russians for years, landed 3 brave nut jobs on the moon.

They sent various other astronauts up to the moon for a few years and then gave up because, you know, there's only so much moon rock you need. They had so much at one point I'm pretty certain they started snorting lines of the stuff at Christmas parties

Since then they've basically been sending probes out and saying "oh look! There might be alien life here! Oh no, never mind, it's just another dead rock". Which, as far as inspiring kids to want to be explorers/scientists goes isn't that effective. Thankfully today may be the point at which they latch on to popular culture as a way of recruiting more staff! Hooray for easy references!

Nasa scientists have detected thousands of secret planets – including one that resembles Tatooine, the home of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker. As many as 2,700 new worlds have been spotted by the high-tech Kepler space telescope since it was launched four years ago, a London conference was today told.

Some 90 per cent of these should be confirmed as true planets orbiting beyond the Sun, according to astronomers. Among them is a suspected planet which has two stars setting over the horizon instead of merely one – and which is said by observers to look the most ‘Tatooine-like’ planet in the galaxy.

In the Star Wars films, Tatooine is an arid desert planet heated by orbiting Tatoo I and Tatoo II, while being the home of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, before being captured and ruled over by Jabba the Hutt.

Its real-life equivalent – which also has two suns – has been dubbed Kepler-16b and reproduced in artist’s-impression images. Prof Bill Borucki, lead investigator for the Kepler project, admitted many of the newly-discovered lands are much ‘weirder’ than scientists had expected.

Between 40 and 50 of the worlds are within the so-called ‘Goldilocks’ zone, an orbital region where the climate allows surface liquid water – and, potentially, life.

But scientists say they have been frustrated so far in attempts to find a life-supporting ‘second Earth’, to act as a twin to our own planet.

Prof Burucki, from Nasa’s Ames Research Centre in California, told the London conference hosted by the Royal Society: ‘There are about 40 to 50 planetary candidates in habitable zones but we have not yet found an Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone.

Come on guys! Where's the passion? You've found 40-50 Goldilocks zone planets but you aren't going to look at them because they don't have enough room to have 2 Subways per town? Stop being so picky! Put some of that Nazi rocket knowledge you guys have in abundance and send some probes out. Who knows, there might be enough of these planets to make some of them specialised. Like a roller coaster planet or a McPluto. Pull your bloody finger out NASA!


Source: Metro


Broken Pencils Episode 3broken-pencils-logo-wwe-wrestling-parody-comedy-writers-meeting-secret-recording

So my new monthly tradition (the others being train journeys, a trip to Pizza Hut and stealing a major work of art) is back and this time it includes a new addition to the regular cast.

Bad News Ramen (@BadNewsRamen), after really impressing me with his vocal stylings last time, is now going to feature regularly as everyone's favourite raspy voiced maniac John Laurinitis, as well as various other people depending on what his range of voices is like.

Episode 3 revolves around WWE's Creative Writing Staff discussing Jack Swagger's Main Event credentials, the merits of berating interns and one of the staffers getting drunk. Well sort of drunk, more buzzed than drunk. You know the sort of buzz you get after having two large drinks in quick succession? Like that.

Card Subject To Change.

Written, Edited & Created by Lev Myskin

Dave...Lev Myskin @WhyAllTheAnger, Brian...Colm Ahern @Colm_Ahern, Allison...Alice Arrington @AliceSArrington, Intern Joe...G Hall @Goftheinternet, John Laurinitis...Bad News Ramen @BadNewsRamen

Music Credits:

Opening Theme Music...Peter John Ross of Sonnyboo.com

Closing Theme...Theme for Harold var3 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0




The abyss is staring back Justinjustin-bieber-young-picture-old-hair-style-ill-stage-delay

The pressures of fame on young people must be incredibly difficult to cope with. It turned Michael Jackson from a regular 5 year old child into a cartoon character hell bent on living in a fantasy world of a lost youth.

There are occasions when people are able to cope with the pressures and stresses of being a child prodigy and go on to become well adjusted adults, the best example I can think of is Christina Ricci.

She achieved a massive level of fame after the success of The Addams Family films but still went on to live a normal and well balanced life, the problems associated with childhood fame never affected her in an horrific way.

Unfortunately she's in the minority. We've all heard the stories about famous child stars fucking everything up; Corey Haim, Edward Furlong, Lindsay Lohan, I don't even have to list their mistakes, you're aware of the tales of their behaviour just like everyone else is.

The worst part about these historical examples is they seem to be repeated by other famous kids time after time. Some child stars are still being allowed to fall off the deep end and crack under the pressure of their fame. In a totally unrelated story Justin Bieber did more damage to his reputation last night with more strange antics.

Pop star Justin Bieber was treated by doctors after suffering breathing problems during his concert at London's O2 Arena, his spokeswoman has said. Melissa Victor said the Canadian singer took a 20-minute rest before returning to the stage to finish the show.

The 19-year-old star was performing the third out of four nights at the venue. Earlier this week he was criticised for keeping fans waiting after coming on stage late for Monday's performance. Ms Victor said after the concert: "[Justin's] heading to the doctor now. He fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve and was given oxygen."

The star later tweeted a message to his 35.6 million followers on Twitter, in which he said: "Getting better. Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world. Figuring out what happened. Thanks for the love."

He also sent a picture of himself, via Instagram, lying in what appeared to be a hospital bed with the caption "gettin' better".

Bieber has had a whirlwind fortnight in the UK, being photographed in several nightclubs, in between his concerts in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and London.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions (like I'm about to) let's just examine the possible reasons that would lead to someone being given oxygen during a live performace:

1. Hypoxia: a pathological condition where the body as a whole (generalized hypoxia) or a region of the body (tissue hypoxia, or regional hypoxia) is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply.

2. Hypoxemia was originally defined as a deficiency of oxygen in arterial blood, meaning an abnormally low partial pressure of oxygen, content of oxygen or percent saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen, either found singly or in combination.

3. Fatigue, Weakness and Exhaustion The poor, scrawny little git has been burning the candle at both ends and is completely warn out as a result.

Oxygen can also be used as a method of treating various other situations one might find oneself in had one been making poor decisions with various combinations of elements found on the periodic table, but I find that possibility a bit far fetched. The most likely possibility here is Bieber has been taking advantage of the differences between American (where he lives and spends most of his time) and UK drinking laws and choosing to add boozing on top of his already gruelling tour schedule.

I'm sure the nightclub owners were only too happy to let him drink his evenings away in their venues in return for a bit of publicity. People working in that industry live for publicity like that; what a draw his presence could be. After all who wouldn't want to go to a place where there is a chance they might meet a teen idol? Well lots of people actually, but that probably never occurred to them.

I might be reading too much into this entire situation (and I apologise if I am), and these two stories might just be unavoidable mistakes. That being said some of the early warning signs we've seen in the past are there for all to see. Maybe after this tour Justin should take a long break, go back to the land of Canadia for a while and get back to some sort of normality. Rest, recuperation and a little self reflection is often all someone needs to spot what's really going on with them.


Source: BBC


Mono e mono e mono e small childsimple-jack-ben-stiller-tropic-thunder-funny-weird-horse-parody

I always want to believe that, deep down, all Hollywood types are wonderful, loving, generous people. Most of them go out of their way to prove that they are but you generally don't hear too much about Ben Stiller and whatever bad stuff you do hear about can often be dismissed as Chinese Whispers.

That doesn't mean that the odd credible story hasn't crept out over the years. Like the one I heard from voice over actor and bloody nice guy Ralph Garman about Stiller showing up for a radio interview in a foul mood. Before he went on air Stiller let everyone around him know that he thought radio as a medium was beneath him.

Not many people have heard this little tale, possibly because it's impossible to verify or maybe because Stiller is such a private person it's just hard to believe that someone as successful, powerful and rich as him could ever be so miserable.

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one and say maybe he was having an off day, thankfully this cool little video is here to set everyones mind at ease.

This is probably what most tennis professionals would like to do when they finally get bored of grunting and showing off their flamboyant athleticism. Rafael Nadal saw an opportunity for some fun and brought Ben Stiller on court with him for a bit of handicap tennis action against poor old Juan Martin Del Potro.

Not to be outdone Del Potro went one better and plucked a 9 year old girl from the crowd to act as his partner. It turns out the 9 year old was twice the player Stiller will ever be, either that or he's such a good physical comedian that he let the child whoop his ass.

Personally I'd like to see more of this, imagine the fun that would be had if Andy Murray teamed up with Stephen Fry to take on Roger Federer and Rihanna! That's what tennis was made for: celebrity endorsements!




Lego Harry Potter Live!lego-hogwarts-harry-potter

I never really played with Lego when I was younger, I was more of a Stickle Bricks kid. Maybe it's because even as a child I hated the faff or because I secretly couldn't stand cubism but I just didn't like those tiny little blocks.

Another thing that may have put me off was the upkeep. Do you have any idea how many Legos it takes just to build a miniature studio apartment!?

It's crazy. The worst part is after you'd finished building the damn thing you had to tear it down so that you could reuse the blocks for something else.

Maybe that's why the Lego people introduced all these different kits that you can use to make various objects. Either that or it's good business.

I wonder if after reading this story they'll introduce a kit for what you can see in the picture which will require a bank loan to purchase.

HARRY Potter fan Alice Finch conjured up this huge replica of Hogwarts school — out of 400,000 Lego bricks. The mum of two’s 13ft by 13ft tribute to the boy wizard took a year to build.

The replica of the term-time home of Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe in the films, is so detailed it won Best in Show at a Lego awards ceremony. And it dwarfs the toy firm’s official set — which uses just 1,290 bricks.

It even contains a detailed Slytherin Common Room and a potions classroom. But the 38-year-old could have done with a magic wand as she pieced it together after wearing off her FINGERPRINTS.

Alice, who keeps the model at home in Seattle, US, said: “It sounds odd to say ‘Lego-related injuries’ but I’ve worn off my fingerprints several times.”

You crafty crafty woman. I see what you're up to. You can call it a hobby, a coping mechanism or an excellent way of uniting her family all you want, but I have a different theory: this woman is the new Napoleon on crime. She's taken the mantle of Moriarty by finding a way of removing her fingerprints, thereby making it much easier to commit all sorts of crimes without the fear of leaving behind any latent prints.

If anyone in the Seattle area hears about any armed robberies committed by a someone who appeared to have a child seat in the back of their SUV then I'd say you might want to point the police in the direction of this mastermind. We've got your number lady.


Source: The Sun


Batman Returns

Now that the Nolan version of Batman is finished, people (and by people I mean comic book geeks like myself) will no doubt spend a lot of time discussing the merits of the series.

While I'm sure most will agree that all the films range from good to great what will be of more interest is the legacy the actors who portrayed the various characters will leave behind.

I'm assuming few people will object to Heath Ledger being considered the best character of the series, as well as The Nolan versions of Two Face and Bane being much better than the previous incarnations. But for some reason people are still questioning Christian Bale as Batman.

The argument goes that Bale was the best Bruce Wayne by far but his Batman wasn't as good as Michael Keaton's version.

Before I give my perspective (and tear this ridiculous line of thinking to shreds) I'd like to point out that The Dark Knight Rises may not be the last word in Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman.

Warner Bros are reportedly keen for Christian Bale to put his cape back on and reprise his role as Batman in the new Justice League film.

The film studio is eager to cast Bale and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the forthcoming superhero movie. According to Latino-Review, The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan will now be producing the film with Zack Snyder.

The pair, who are currently working together on Man of Steel, are hoping Bale will return to the iconic Batman role. Bale has never ruled out reprising his role as the Caped Crusader and has said in the past he would be happy to return if Nolan was in charge.

He told Empire: ‘If Chris came to me with a script and said, “You know what? There is another story,” then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.’

Bale added: ‘My understanding is that this [The Dark Knight Rises] is the last one.

‘I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s correct. I think it’s going out at the right time. But, look, Chris [Nolan] always plays his cards very close to his chest.’

Wow! Great news! As much as I liked the idea of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the next potential Batman his size is more appropriate to playing Nightwing, being 5'8" with an acrobat's build. Bale on the other hand (who is only 7 years older than JGL) is 6' tall and built like a brick shithouse, perfect proportions to play both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The Michael Keaton argument doesn't hold any weight with me because Keaton was also only 5'8" and had a normal body shape. Those attributes do not scream "trained to the peak of human conditioning" to me. If that's all it takes to be considered a superhero then Warner Bros might have screwed up when they cast hulking mass Henry Cavill as Superman, because my 5'11" 185lbs frame is apparently more than adequate in some people's eyes to be considered super.

The prospect of seeing Christian Bale as Batman again has probably boosted interest in this film considerably. He's a bigger star than JGL and has a proven box office track record. It would be the wisest decision for business (and from a creative point of view) to put Bale back in the costume. It would certainly put the JLA films in a much stronger position to compete with The Avengers. They need to get a move on with the production though, because nothing drives business like strong competition.


Source: Metro


Et Tu, Birds Eye?captain-birds-eye-horse-dna-cartoon-horse-head-dna-parody-news-story

Sorry I didn't update the site yesterday folks but the disgusting cold that I've been cultivating for the last few days decided to do what it normally does with me and transform into a full on chest infection.

On top of feeling like shit I had to spend 2 hours stuck in traffic to travel 56 miles. Yep, you heard right, it took me 2 hours to go 56 miles down the road. That might be normal if I were using tiny country roads in Nepal to go from A to B but this was on the A55, the main route through North Wales.

When I finally got home I could barely summon the enthusiasm to string more than 3 words together, never mind open Dreamweaver and write about amazingly weird and stupid news stories.

Today is different though. Today I have regained my enthusiasm because not only are there good weird stories in the news again, but one of the biggest weird stories in history has reared its equestrian head again to make everyone feel as sick as I do! Hooray!

Beef products sold by Birds Eye, Taco Bell and catering supplier Brakes have been found to contain horse DNA in the latest round of tests carried out since the start of the meat scandal, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said today.

The third round of tests carried out since January revealed contamination of Birds Eye Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese and Beef Lasagne, Taco Bell ground beef and Brakes spicy minced beef skewer, the FSA said.

Ten tests on the four products returned results of more than 1% horse meat, the agency said, and all four have been withdrawn from sale.

US-owned Tex-Mex restaurant chain Taco Bell said that it was "disappointed" to have discovered the horse meat in tests it carried out on beef supplied to its UK restaurants by a sole European supplier.

"We immediately withdrew ground beef from sale in our restaurants, discontinued purchase of that meat, and contacted the Food Standards Agency with this information," it said in a statement.

Will this story never end? Is it going to get to the stage where they are finding horse DNA in KFC Popcorn Chicken? Or in Quorn meals? It's a terrifying prospect, isn't it. We've always suspected that large food companies were willing to cut corners to maximize profits, but if you can't trust an old man in a sailor costume who smiles all the time who can you trust?

There's a serious lack of initiative grabbing here, surely the public are ready for a 100% horse meat lasagne, they seem to have been eating it for years already so why not take the plunge? Of course when that happens we have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable "Cow DNA Found In Horse Lasagne" scandal.


Source: The Telegraph

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