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Look at Mr. Tough Guy heretrevor gta 5

Goddammit Trevor, what the hell has gotten into you? I mean going on a drug fuelled, semi-naked bender is one thing but interfering with traffic and strutting around like a 19th century Wrestler is taking things too far.

This video appeared on the internet a couple of days ago and has lead to much wild speculation as to what may have caused such strange behavior from an otherwise normal looking red neck.

As usual it's left to your reasoned, intelligent and modest writer to key you in on just what the fuck is going on here. After a thorough and exhaustive investigation which has thus far cost the UK Government £12.6 million I have come up with the following conclusions:

1. This guy probably got plastered on Pabst Blue Ribbon.

2. Built a meth lab.

3. Sampled his product and

4. Went so Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas crazy that it took a side swipe from a car and a couple of amazingly calm cops to subdue him.

See! I am the king of Occam's Razor.



Source: YouTube


I feel so proud...sort ofwelsh-rugby-wales-6-nations

It's that time of year again where the 6 nations are nearly upon us and it's been a tough 12 month for Welsh Rugby. The sheen of recent achievements has been thoroughly scrubbed off by one of the bitterest (and childish) disputes in sporting history between the Welsh regions (the main teams) and the governing body the WRU.

Quite frankly it'll be nice to get back to screaming at the TV for the right reasons (passion) instead of the wrong ones (frustration), but I sense that these 6 nations won't pass without at least some campaigning from either side of the divide.

So, to remind you of a simpler time, when men were men trying to knock other men out, here's a story about the legendary "Terrible 8" which will make you thankful that you still have all your brain cells intact, or at least as many as you have left after visiting my site for nearly 3 years.

The following day the quagmire of the Balmoral showground on the outskirts of Belfast in the pouring rain provided the perfect setting for settling scores.

Ireland took an early 3-0 lead, but even before that Tyrell had caught Jones with a punch the Wales lock later said had rattled his brains.

Butler said: "Wales retaliated - Jones on Tyrell, Tyrell on Jones, forward on forward, on the ball, off the ball - before long everybody was involved.

"The Scottish referee simply let them get on with it. "Journalists reported it 'the roughest game ever'." The fact that Wales won 11-3 was virtually lost in the aftermath.

But while the legend has lived on down the years, the feud itself was initially forgotten - at least until the Sunday newspapers which first made it famous had hit the doormats. Immediately after the final whistle Tyrell sought out Jones and congratulated him, saying: "You're the best Welshman I've come across. The only man ever to beat me."

I knew this wasn't a modern phenomenon, this sort of violence has been going on forever. You can talk about binge drinking weekend warriors of today all you like but apparently trained athletes used to knock 6 (or possibly 8) shades of shit out of each other 100 years ago.

Even further back than that London had a very serious problem with Gin soaked booze hounds beating each other unconscious and jacking their fallen victim's Penny-farthing's...maybe anyway, what do I know I'm not David Starkey (mostly because I'm not a racist).

I think the real moral of this story is that no matter how badly you injure someone on the field of play you always need to shake their hand and make amends afterwards. Whether you do so out of a sense of camaraderie or because you're so concussed you don't know what's going on isn't that important.


Source: BBC


Excuse me Mr. Osbourn, can I see your passport please?green goblin

Isn't it amazing that in a world where mobile phones are all that's needed to topple entire regimes people still believe in insanely archaic myths like Yeti's, Troll's and the existence of a good Roland Emmerich film!?

There are even some parts of the world where instances of utter bullshit are reported by New Media outlets as fact. While that might mystify most and annoy scientists/people of religion/loonies who are locked in insane asylums for spouting such rubbish in other countries, it pleases me no end.

This sort of story is like a golden unicorn to me because it crystalises everything I look for in news: insane, reported dry, rarely picked up on by serious types. Thank you Zimbabwe!

An early favourite for the most bizarre/amusing story of the year involves a creepy goblin apparently jumping out of a suitcase in Zimbabwe.

According to reports in the southern Africa country, police officers in the city of Bulawayo ran for their lives when the strange creature hopped out of a blood-filled bottle.

A family, who arrived at the station with a traditional healer, claimed the goblin belonged to a tenant who was staying with them, online newspaper Bulawayo24 News reports.

‘We heard some screaming from the charge office and most officers who had knocked off rushed to see what was happening,’ said one police officer apparently said.

‘At first everyone gathered around the suitcase, wanting to see what was inside.’

He added: ‘No one told anyone it was time to run. One minute, the charge office was full, the next, it was empty.

‘I think some people went out through the windows because we could not all have fitted through the door. Fat cops and slim cops all ran for their lives screaming.’

The healer managed to overpower the goblin before burning it to death (apparently).

This is Mugabe's doing, I'm certain of it. He's using Marvel supervillain sightings as a way of clinging on to power in a world where Goblin's only exist in the German parliament...in case you didn't get that it was an Angela Merkel joke...I really need to stop with the political jokes, no one ever gets those. That's probably why Eddie Murphy was invited to host the Oscar's instead of Jon Stewart; clever or not, political humour will always fall behind fat suits in the mainstream comedy pecking order.


Source: Metro

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