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It's all Jennifer Lopez' Faultjennifer lopez topless

When you think about it everything is Jennifer Lopez's fault isn't it?! The break up with Ben Affleck: Lopez's fault. The failure of 80% of her films: Lopez's fault. Ongoing war in the Middle East: Lopez's fault.

It's a wonder this Jack of all trades, master of none hasn't faced more serious repercussions for her actions.

It's gotten to the point now where she's even managing to make other people's lives a misery, like this woman who stupidly rented Monster in Law from a video rental shop 9 years ago. She should have known that judgement was coming her way when she chose that piece of shit.

Kayla Finley rented the movie in 2005 from a now-defunct store and forgot about it for nine years, even as a warrant for her arrest hung over her head.

South Carolina police have given one woman reason to dislike Monster in Law more than the critics who panned it back in 2005.

Police in Pickens, South Carolina jailed Kayla Finley for failing to return a copy of the Jennifer Lopez movie she had checked out nine years earlier, Fox Carolina reports. Officers took her into custody after Finley came to the station to report a crime, and officials realized there was a warrant out for her arrest.

According to warrants, Finley rented the cassette from the now-defunct Dalton Video. She was sent several letters from the store warning her to return the videos, as well as a certified warrant on Sept. 12, 2005.

In a post on Fox Carolina's Facebook page, a woman claiming to be Finley denied that she intended to keep the movie, saying she moved out of state after renting it and forgot about the cassette. The woman said she did not receive notices from the store, either.

"I'm no criminal, but pickens county sheriffs office sure made me feel like i was," she wrote.

This is a staggering blunder by the Pickens Police Department, not because they're facing a massive backlash over this ridiculous approach to law enforcement but mostly because they've made a rod for their own backs. Now they're going to have to chase down every overdue library book, DVD or, god forbid, rented fancy dress costume in their area. They'll probably have to create a special task force just to deal with the multiple cold cases that will flood the office.

This also feels quite discriminatory because of the lady's standing in the world; I remember a story a couple of years ago about a book found in George Washington's collection that had been borrowed from a library and never returned. The estate eventually returned it 250 years late. Do you think America's first true president faced a fine? No! Of course he didn't. That's what power earns you I guess, well that and the fact he's been dead for a bloody long time.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


This man wrote Romantic Fiction?les dawson book

That title seems a bit harsh, let me clarify; I have nothing but happy memories of Les Dawson. In an era of racist, end of the pier type comedians, he was genuinely funny without being too offensive.

Whether it was the game shows he made watchable in spite of their laughable concepts, the amazingly accurate over the wall Lancashire sewing maid drag act or his piano playing/singing that he seemed so proud of even though he was clearly terrible (deliberately so in execution, which is a sign of real talent) he always managed to make the very young and grown up versions of me laugh in equal measure.

He was a man of many talents, one thing I would never have thought he was capable of though was penning a good erotic tome. Let the sexiness commence.

Comedian Les Dawson secretly wrote a romantic thriller novel under a female nom de plume, it has been revealed.

The unpublished story of love and mystery, titled An Echo of Shadows, was written under the name Maria Brett-Cooper before his death in 1993.

Dawson wrote the book under a pseudonym because "he was scared that it wouldn't be taken seriously" under his own name, his daughter Charlotte told the BBC.

He was known as a rubber-faced funnyman but wanted to be a success as a writer.

The unfinished 110-page manuscript was recently found by his family when they were moving house and will be featured on BBC One's Inside Out North West on Monday.

Dawson's tale starts in the American Civil War in 1862 when a Union soldier finds gold bullion in a captured Confederate wagon.

It's probably a safe assumption on his part that nobody would have taken this seriously when he wrote it. Pretty much anything Les Dawson did in his lifetime made people laugh, whether he intended to or not. The guy could have played the lead role in Schindler's List and people would have laughed...actually when you think about it that is a pretty hilarious image!

Also what the hell kind of title is "An Echo of Shadows"? Can a shadow make an echo? Nope, that's an oxymoron. It sounds like the title for a Mel Brooks film. Amazingly though the premise on this book sounds an awful lot like a Civil War version of "No Country For Old Men" by Cormac McCarthy, maybe McCarthy ripped it off from Les Dawson. That would explain why I found the film so hilariously bad. Play us out Les.



Source: BBC


God Bless Googlegoogle-sochi-olympics-doodle

I never thought I'd write those 3 words in conjunction because most of the time Google are money grabbing, bandwidth stealing, copyright infringing bastards but, on this occasion, they did the right thing.

Generally I stay away from political topics on principle but seeing the backwards cultural slide that Russia has been experiencing thanks to Mr. Machismo himself Vladimir Putin (possibly the most insecure man on the planet) is depressing.

I remember the days of promise that followed as the former USSR exited the deformed model of Marxism that had killed 60+ million of it's own citizens. I remember spending time with a Russian student at my school (also called Vladimir) who was very optimistic for the future of his nation.

Sadly that progress has been stifled and even reversed by the rule of a powerful elite who (unlike their more subtle and conniving Western counterparts) have tried to mold the country into something anachronistic. The ban on "Gay Propaganda" is discrimination in all but name; it's a government mandate that allows people to behave like pricks towards gay people.

By standing up to this borderline fascist law (Fascists in Russia? Yep, it's come to that) in such an intelligent, artistic and subtle way Google has produced an epoch making image, one which will be inexorably linked to resistance and change for the rest of time. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to laughing at cartoons and making grammatical errors that would shame a school boy.


Source: Google


VW Slides Into Sink Hole, Fall Damage Improves Value Of Car By £2000sink hole UK

OK that's a bit of a cheap shot but honestly, who in their right mind owns a Volkswagen Lupo?

They're tiny, have next to no power in them and look like Doctor Moreau designed them by crossing VW DNA with that of a particularly angular frog.

I think whatever omnipotent being controls the ground was trying to send this family a message: buy better cars or this'll keep on happening.

A family has told how their daughter could have been "buried alive" if she had been in her car when a 30ft (9m) sinkhole swallowed it up.

Nobody was inside the VW Lupo when the ground on Main Road in Walter's Ash, High Wycombe, gave way on Sunday.

Liz Conran, who lives in the house with her husband Phil, said the car belonged to their daughter Zoe.

"She was in absolute hysterics," she said. "It didn't dawn on us what had happened until after about an hour."

The vehicle is still at the bottom of the 15ft (4.5m) diameter hole and covered in rubble.

It is thought the hole has been caused by a mixture of mining tunnels beneath the ground and heavy rain.

Now I realise people who are in hysterics are often a bit confused as to what's going on around them but how the hell did it take them an hour to fully understand that they had a great big bloody hole in their drive way? What did they think was going on; did they believe a black hole had opened up near their home? Or maybe that someone had a Portal Gun and had used it to jump between locations? There's hysterical and then there's the possibility that you need to consult an optician.

Obviously they'll have eventually calmed down, surveyed the damage and come to the only logical conclusion there is for this situation: The Underminer from The Incredibles film has suddenly developed a taste for shitty cars and decided to start his one man crime wave with their ugly little banger. Seriously, Google "VW Lupo", it's so hideous it'll make you want to claw your own eyes out Oedipus style.


Source: BBC

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