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Inconsiderate Travellers #18: The Return of The Corporate Edition

That power socket's on right? You see it there, being all on and stuff yes? Then why isn't anything happening?! Surely the fundamental relationship between the red 'on' switch position and the human has been violated here!

Let me start from the beginning; on Thursday something amazing happened, I was actually enjoying a stress free trip back up to Wales on the train. There had been no delays, the weather was good, The Smodcast I was listening to was great as always and I got a reply on Twitter from the comic book legend that is Mark Millar. In the words of Ice Cube I had to say it was a good day!

Apart from some carriage changing craziness along the way (2 carriages were removed at Shrewsbury and then 2 were added at Chester, a mere 4 stops later) the journey was going far better than expected.

It got especially good at Birmingham International when I got on the last of my 3 trains and discovered that it was a modern Arriva carriage, one of the rarest things one could ever hope to witness in a lifetime.

The site of a sparklingly clean and comfortable Arriva carriage nearly brought a tear to my eye, and best of all it was completely empty. As I had my pick of seats I naturally chose one next to a plug socket so that I could charge my power hungry iPhone. Guess what happened then!?

Yep, just like Pulp Fiction we're back to the beginning, and the reason for my rage! There is no point making comfortable modern carriages if they aren't fitted with working power outlets.

You might as well have kept the knackered, old, stinking carriages that reeked so badly people would spend ages in the toilets just so they could get a breath of fresh air.

Arriva have taken one step forward and two steps backwards with this; they finally cave in and fit their carriages with a minimal number of power outlets only to have them breakdown. This isn't even the first time this has happened to me on an Arriva train, but it will definitely be the last because I'm going to charge my phone in the stations from now on. Apparently it's asking too much for a 200 tonne vehicle that generates hundreds of Watts of static electricity to have working plug sockets.


Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday dear MMMMEEEEEEEEE! Happy Birthday to me! This site is celebrating its 1 year anniversary today and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's visited it, supported it, encouraged me to keep doing it and sniggered in derision at its puerile and often unfunny content.

Since it's inception this site has featured over 100,000+ words of content, 17 editions of Inconsiderate Travellers, 300+ articles and 1 lovely picture of Jessie J holding her boobs.

All of that was researched, compiled and written by one man: me. Although I didn't compile Jessie J's boobs, they took care of themselves really.

I'd also like to thank every single one of my 8,000 unique visitors; you've kept me on my game and while there might not have been a lot of you by internet standards 8,000 visitors is still a lot, you couldn't fit them in my workspace that's for sure, even 8,000 Borrowers would struggle to fit into my office/sitting room/Skyrim HQ.

The top 5 search phrases that have led people to this site are 5. 'Belgium National Football Team' (2,400 hits) 4. 'Jessie J Topless' (3,000 hits) 3. 'Steve Jones' (3,300 hits) 2. 'Why All The Anger' (3,500 hits) and, amazingly 1. 'SUBO' (a staggering 4,800 hits...sorry for taking the piss out of you Susan).

My personal choices for the top 5 weirdest search phrases that led people to my site are: 5. 'Adele Obese' 4. 'Anti JLS' 3. 'What Ethnicity Is Zachary Quinto?' 2. 'Rihanna Get Off My Land' and the brilliant 1. 'American Penis Amputee'.

So thank you everyone, I'm going to keep doing this as long as I can...which should be a considerable length of time since I no longer have a weekend job! Please keep your suggestions coming via email or on the Twitter page and please continue to take the world less seriously than you're told to. Anger really is pointless unless it's in the name of fun.


The odd gig

So Bree-stole is nice, if you haven't been before you should definitely think about making a weekend trip of it. The city's full of beautiful buildings, great shopping, lovely people and it's also packed with art (street and gallery based) and culture.

The music scene's fantastic to, on Friday night me and the lady went to a gig in the reputedly excellent Cafe Kino in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol which I'm told is the Bohemian area.

While I don't entirely agree with the Bohemian aspect of the area (it seemed to have more Hipster dick heads than Bohemians) I can tell you that the Cafe is a really great place to relax.

Thanks to the erm...cosy nature of the venue (the basement of the Cafe) the capacity was about 50 people, most of whom opted for the cross legged school assembly approach to relaxing.

Unfortunately the evening didn't get off to a good start as Henry Ireland's set was a bit of a disaster. He sang out of key, his lyrics were terrible, his instruments were out of tune (sadly he wasn't capable of tuning them himself while vamping at the same time) and he didn't look at all comfortable performing on his own. In short, it was torturous.

Mercifully, things got a lot better from there as Japanese, Avant-garde musician Ichi took to the stage. The word Avant-garde usually puts me off any form of art because it's generally an indicator that you're about to witness something pretentious performed by talentless idiots. That's not Ichi though, oh no, this guy is amazing.

He kicked things off by walking on stage wearing a pair of stilts, one of which doubled as a bass guitar (I'm told he builds a lot of his own instruments), while playing a harmonica attached via a neck holder and rhythmically tapping his shoes which had castanets in place of the laces.

After the intro shenanigans things settled down slightly as Ichi broke into songs about giant mosquitos and the Japanese alphabet which ended with an incredibly fast and surprisingly accurate game of pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake.

All this might sound weird (and it was) but his music and performance style is enthralling, humourous and very polished; he might look odd but this guy is a true musician through and through.

After Ichi finished his amazing set by putting a golf ball down his bass guitar/stilt and into a cup his wife, Rachael Dadd, played an hour of silky smooth folk music that had the patrons captivated.

The set flew by and the haunting songs were perfectly complimented by a series of well produced homemade animations and short films.

Thanks to Ichi and Rachael Dadd the gig was a triumph and the audience seemed so taken that they forgot they were sitting cross legged on a basement floor.

If you get an opportunity to see either or both of these two live take it in an instant, it was the best £5 I've spent since buying a Ukulele from that drunk musician. Man that was a good purchase.


Out of office message

So because it'll be a bank holiday this weekend I'll be going away for a short break.

The usual rules of me going away apply (no posts on Monday the 27th or Thursday the 30th due to travelling) but I will also not be posting tomorrow as the first leg of my journey takes me away from my usual holiday location to a strange land called...umm...Bri-Stole I think.

This Bris-toll really is quite jarring; it has Pizza Express' in neoclassic buildings, charity shops full of clothes that actually look nice and friendly people who will gladly talk to you in the street for no other reason than they are in a good mood.

You see what I mean? Weird!


Real girl power

Powerful women are fucking disgusting. They have weird shaped boobs, terrible haircuts and the kind of arms that make you consider abstinence as a sensible lifestyle choice. Who would want to have sex with a muscular woman anyway? You'd be constantly worried that they weren't really enjoying it and were just using intercourse as a way of sneaking in more exercise between daily gym sessions.

I really don't see why Forbes would bother compiling a list of the top 100 most powerful women in the world, just let them lift progressively heavier cars until you find a winner. Surely that's an easier way of deciding who's the most powerful woman in the world than spending hours researching muscly females...wait this is a list of female bodybuilders right?

For nine years FORBES has ranked the 100 most powerful women in the world. These are the women who adhere to the traditional classifications of power (political and economic might) and those who have risen to the top of the social and cultural landscape. It is our annual snapshot of women who impact the world.

This year the list features eight heads of state–including our No. 1 German Chancellor Angela Merkel l(plus one monarch who just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee), and 25 CEOs who control $984 billion in revenues and 11 billionaires. We feature some dozen entrepreneurs and 10 celebrities who do more than look good: they’re philanthropic do-gooders and entrepreneurial go-getters.

You can see the full list here and I have to admit, it's a far more interesting list than I thought it would be. For instance Diane Sawyer (23rd), Lady Gaga (14th) and Oprah Winfrey (11th) are all considered more powerful than the Queen who is at number 26 on the list. While it's fair to say that those 3 ladies are far more visible in the media than the Queen I'm pretty certain none of them could have the others put to death for treason like our Monarch could if the feeling took her.

Other surprise entries are Giselle (83), Sofia Vergara (75), Angelina Jolie (66), Ellen DeGeneres (47), Shakira (40), Hennifer Yopez (38), and Beyonce (32). Those are all respectable positions for some pretty hard working women (and Shakira) but they are all living in the shadow of the walking embodiment of intimidation and terror that is Angela Merkel.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen this woman smile without worrying that she's only doing so because she's just hatched a plot. I'm sure she'll be genuinely happy once she gets her prize for finishing top: a lifetime subscription to Forbes magazine, a free day pass to her local spa and a goat she can consume to satisfy her constant hunger for the blood of livestock. Angela Merkel is The Chupacabra.

Source: Forbes


That's no chocolate mint on your pillow

What the hell is going on here? What is this?! It kind of feels like a clever advert designed to subvert our image of luxury or some sort of freaky David Lynch head fuck film where the dogs real name is Man In Planet or something.

Maybe it's an artsy photoshoot where the other participants are a naked Japanese woman and a smartly dressed man shaking hands with a different smartly dressed man who happens to be on fire.

About the only thing it looks like that is too ridiculous to consider is a photoshoot for a dog hotel,

A luxury hotel for dogs is to open in New York City next month.

Dogs staying at the establishment in Manhattan will have their own rooms complete with double bed and a flat-screen television.

The Chelsea hotel aims to offer its canine guests with the same level of comfort and luxury that humans enjoy, rather than them being put in kennels.

Investor Shawn Hassanzadeh explained: "As a New Yorker, when you go on vacation, and you stay in a fabulous hotel with fabulous services, your dog is staying in a fabulous hotel with fabulous services."

Services on offer at the hotel include a variety of different playgrounds for exercise, as well as a gym complete with treadmills and personal trainers. Dog owners can even opt to include a tour of the city for their pet if they wish to pay an additional fee.

I love the part of this article that quotes the investor and says that he is explaining the theory behind the hotel because, to be quite honest, he doesn't explain anything. It's almost like he started talking, panicked, and then went into a stream of consciousness by just describing things that exist and are happening in the world. Just in case anyone has read this guy's statement and is thinking of using it as an example of good descriptive skills, don't. He may have had an episode in the middle of giving it.

Deranged investors aside this is actually a pretty cool idea. I mean a double bed in a room with a flat screen TV in New York City?! That's a pretty sweet holiday right there. It's a good thing dogs have the intellectual capacity to realise they're being treated, because if they didn't you'd have just put yourself in the situation of having wasted £200 on a very expensive hotel room when you could have given them a 10p dog biscuit and seen the same end result. Oh wait, that's exactly the situation here is it?

Source: Digital Spy


You wanna put another what on the barbie?

Being an avid walker and someone who's lived on the coast for the majority of their life you'd think I'd love the beach. Well I don't ok, I just don't. It's ridiculously hard to walk on, the sand gets in your food, between your toes and in your arse crack and there is almost always dog poo somewhere hidden for you to tread in.

Now treading in dog poo is bad enough, but if there was a chance I might tread in a fudge dragon produced by an ironic Australian art protestor I might give up visiting the beach altogether.

A dozen people at an Adelaide beach have dropped their pants in the name of art to highlight a public toilet issue that has been plaguing the area for years.

South Australian artist Andrew Baines photographed people reading newspapers on the toilet for his latest surreal human installation at Adelaide's Henley Beach.

Among his muses, who were dressed up in suits and bowler hats for the occasion, was former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone and Adelaide radio personality Bob Francis.

Some may have thought it was toilet humour but the message was political – the toilet facilities at the popular beach are substandard and need upgrading.

Baines is well known for this type of art.

He has previously held similar events at St Kilda beach, in Melbourne, and Manly beach in Sydney.

So he's done this before huh? And he's an 'artist'? Now I love art, but I'm not sure if surreal human installation art is a real thing. It just feels like this guy really likes taking a shit on the beach dressed like John Cleese in Monty Python's Institute of Silly Walks sketch. Not only that, but he's managed to rope a politician and a DJ into shitting alongside him. This guy is less of an artist and more of a cult leader.

If only the naked walker had used his head and called himself the naked walking surreal human installation art piece he wouldn't have been arrested 47,000 times. Maybe the next time he gets out of prison he can join the Church of Shitology and avoid any future problems by changing his fetish from wandering about in his birthday suit to creating artistic mud monkey's on beaches.

Source: ABC News


Recovery is a bitch

For an agnostic I've had an awful lot of loud conversations with God over the last few days. Not only was I talking to God but I also seem to have been staggered by my discovery of the fiery pit inhabited by his nemesis.

The conversations usually went along the lines of "Oh God!" or "Oh fucking hell!" and finally "Will somebody please end this now". Now I know the last one is in no way linked to religion but when you have a high temperature, aches and pains, hallucinations, hypersensitivity, no energy, constant coughing and have spent hours dry heaving your lungs out, begging for a quick and easy death feels like the most natural thing in the world.

This post is a bit of an apology for my lack of consistent work over the last week. In case you haven't guessed I am not one of those people who believes in popping a series of pills and getting on with things. I'm much more in favour of the Victorian era treatments like bed rest, taking a holiday and relaxing, hence the lack of additions to the web site as of late.

Thankfully I'm over the worst of it now and things will get back to normal as of tomorrow. On a side note, how amazing is Penicillin!? In the space of two days I've gone from barely being able to move to feeling 75% normal again. Forget Botox for your lips, creams for your skin or Placenta for your love handles Penicillin is the shit that'll put lead in your pencil again.



You can re-build yourself, you have the technology

Before we start class here are some interesting stats about China and the Chinese people: China has a population of 1.3 billion, nearly 20% of the world's population, 44% of the population of The United States believes that China is now the world's largest economic power (it isn't and won't be until 2019 at the earliest) and China has more genius level people in their population than there are people living in the London (not the entire United States as stated in The Social Network). Also their food is great.

Those statistics might be amazing (and slightly intimidating) but the most impressive one is something that doesn't appear on there, China now has the world's first homemade bionic man,

Chinese farmer Sun Jifa, whose arms were blown off in a freak explosion, has built himself bionic arms as he could not afford the pricey hospital ones.

The 51-year-old lost both his hands when a bomb he was making for some blast fishing detonated prematurely, but could not afford to shell out for the prosthetic arms the hospital offered him, instead coming up with his own handy solution.

Sun spent eight years creating the prototype for his own metal hands, which function using a series of wires and pulleys inside the shell, allowing him to grip and hold objects.

Eight years?! What did he use in the mean time? Sticks? Hooks? Trained monkeys? 8 years is a bloody long time to build your own arms, I'm pretty certain Robocop was built in less time than that, and he was a kick ass robotic crime fighter.

One last thing before I fall into a fluey sleep filled with coughing and hallucinations, has anybody else noticed the hand on the table that has been preset to wank position? Our man likes it robot style!

Source: BBC Worldwide


Some people have it worse

I know I seem to keep saying this but sorry for the lack of a post yesterday folks. In my defence I've had a pretty frustrating four days starting on Friday when I had to spend nearly £100 on car repairs which were partially the mechanics fault in the first place (those guys know just how to fuck people over don't they).

Then, on Saturday, I got laid off from my weekend job because of the 'economic downturn' and on Sunday I started to develop man flu which seems to have turned into the plague given how shitty I feel.

I think most people would consider that a pretty bad week, fortunately I'm a pragmatist (and have a lot more time on my hands now) so I trawled the internet for someone who has had a worse week than me, and I found this woman.

A hearse driver on her way to a funeral was found dead in the vehicle, with the coffin in the back.

Lt Lincoln Hoshino of Beverly Hills police said authorities were alerted that a woman's body was slumped over the driving seat of the hearse, which had been parked near the Beverly Hills Hotel at about 3pm on Monday.

Lt Hoshino said the investigation was in its early stages but the woman appeared to have died of natural causes, with no weapons or evidence of violence discovered.

Yeah this lady had a far worse week than me. It's bad enough that you have to spend your working life around death, but to go out in your work car! That' pretty crap. When I go out I'd like to think it will be on top of a rain soaked hill after I've just defeated the leader of an alien invasion and been hailed as the saviour of earth. Either that or the more likely scenario whereby I suffer a massive heart attack after eating a ton of MSG thanks to 3 Chinese takeaways in a row.

Source: The Press Association


Who's more evolved than who here?

Sorry I didn't post yesterday people, there's no excuse for it really. I just spent all day cleaning and then I had to do some washing and then the siren call of Skyrim took over and, well, when that happens you might as well write the rest of the day off because my arse isn't moving for nobody.

So, to make up for my laziness here's a dog walker being nearly as stupid as the pet he's supposed to be taking care of,

A man has been taken to hospital after he fell down a manhole while walking his dog.

He was found after his pet returned home without him, West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) said.

He was lifted to safety using specialist equipment and treated for back pain.

"What's that Lassie? Little Timmy's stuck down a well? No?! The barn's on fire? No?! You've left your stupid owner stuck down a manhole? OK, well take me to him but let me get the camera first because this is going on Youtube."

What this report doesn't specify, and what I wish it had, is if this unnamed genius got himself stuck in that thing during daylight hours or at night. It's an important fact to include because it makes a difference in determining if he should be given the huge responsibility of walking a dog.

Update: OK, after literally seconds of research the good people at The Star are reporting that this guy was rescued at 3.40am using specialist equipment. Even if he'd been in that manhole cover for 3 hours that's still pretty suspicious behaviour. Any man out that late at night is not walking a dog. He's either trawling for ass, dumping a dead body or following the commands of his new alien masters who have assumed the appearance of dogs to blend in. Yeah it's definitely the last one.

Source: msn.co.uk


Is this seat taken?

Travelling on The Underground can be a traumatic experience. Far more so than normal train travel London's Tube is populated by some of the most weird, annoying and downright selfish people on the planet.

Riding the damn thing is an ordeal in itself. You end up fighting for a 12 inch square space of floor next to smelly construction worker and loud headphones boy, both of whom look menacingly at you for having the gall to stand next to them.

If only every passenger on there was as cute and cuddly as this flea ridden pest the capital's public transport system would be a much more fun environment.

A cunning fox has stunned London Underground passengers after calmly boarding a train and taking a seat.

The beast with blazing eyes was spotted brazenly hopping on to the near-empty Circle Line service late last night. Pictures of its antics at Edgware Road station, in west London, were then posted on Twitter by both history student Harriet Horn, 19, and gadget expert Stephen Ebert, 27.

Stephen told MailOnline: 'The doors of the train opened and that's when I saw it. I thought something had gone between my legs and then realised there was a fox there.

'I think it was a young cub and it looked quite scared. I was quite surprised, it's not every day you see a fox on the Tube.'

I'm not quite sure this guy's got his story straight because he seems to make two completely different and contradictory opening statements. If he saw the fox when the doors opened then what the hell did he think had gone between his legs? Did he think he was in a Lynx advert and a gorgeous woman had become instantly enamoured with him and made a bee-line for his nackers?

I really hope the Underground staff don't see this and get any funny ideas. The fact that they are now getting different species travelling on their trains might be grounds for them to go on strike again. Their thinking might be that they only get paid £35,000 a year for transporting humans, adding foxes into the mix might bump that up to £40,000 a year. Salt of the earth those people. On a totally separate and unrelated note, sitting around on your arse doing nothing all day is the number 1 cause of hemorrhoids.

Source: The Daily Mail


Inconsiderate Travellers #17: The Literary Edition

Apparently this is the most popular part of my website. More people come to see Inconsiderate Travellers and The Floating Head of Henry Kissingerthan anything else on my here.

Inconsiderate Travellers gets more hits and unique visitors than 'Lily Allen naked', 'Jessie J topless' and 'Subo' (thankfully no one is looking for naked pictures of her). I'd love to spend all day publishing sexy pictures of Lily Allen or Jessie J but instead I end up putting myself in harms way by recording selfish travellers in their natural environment. Man I've matured.

So let's start this edition with this little hipster girl on the right. Thanks to the aforementioned Floating Head of Henry Kissingeryou can't tell that she's wearing glasses with no lenses which, to anyone over the age of 25, makes her look like a proper idiot.

But that's not why she's featured here, oh no, she's here because she's reading that book. You know the one I mean. It's not fair that women can get away with reading soft porn in public and men can't. Can you imagine the look of disgust I'd a guy would get from women sitting opposite them if they started reading a copy of Playboy or Hustler on the train? It's the same thing I swear!

Hey, look at the woman on the left, she seems to be a respectable business woman. I'm sure she's going to relax after a long day at work by reading a pleasant, subtle tome about a relatable character who goes on a long journey filled with moments of self discovery and...wait is she reading that 50 shades shit as well?

God damnit, is every woman on the planet reading this book? I really hope there is at least one female passenger on this train who isn't reading 50 Shades of menopause in the open for everyone to see.

Oh wait, here are two ladies who seem to be taking it easy after a long day of shopping. The mother seems to have nodded off leaving her daughter to plow through a gripping novel she's all but finished.

I wonder why she's waited for her mother to fall asleep before reading the book? I'm sure it's because she wants to read this classic book without any interruptions, after all, that would ruin her suspension of...wait...AHHH! SHE'S READING THAT FUCKING BOOK AS WELL! SOMEBODY KILL ME NOW!!


Don't believe the hype

Don't let all the good press, charity work and well meaning, girl-power songs fool you; Beyonce is really a bit of a bitch. There have been rumours flying around for years about backstabbing/catty behaviour, but it's very hard to get anyone to talk about it on record because she has such a strangle hold over her public image.

The few examples that can be cited are pretty mild and difficult to prove, like the time she denied there was a feud between her and Jennifer Hudson on the set of Dream Girls by calling her fat in so many words, or the recent reports that she has banned Kim Kardashian from being around her or her circle of friends.

Probably the most well publicized example is the time her and her dad turfed out 3 members of Destiny's child when they started asking questions about their share of the profits the group had generated.

None of these are all that convincing, but it looks like the conclusive proof of Mrs. Z's huge ego has been provided by what the press would call "a source close to the star" the source, in this instance, is herself.

Knowles (has) been shopping a nonfiction film to Hollywood studios about the celebrity’s life and career.

According to a person familiar with the package who was not authorized to talk about it publicly, the movie is as a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interview.

Knowles not only stars in the project but is directing it, and will also serve as a producer. About 20 minutes of footage has been shown to distributors.

Does she have any experience or training in this field? Has Spike Lee been giving her private lessons? When I was in University someone actually had the balls to do this about their life up to that point, only they treated it as a serious dramatic re-enactment of their 'tumultuous life thus far'. It basically included some mild bullying in school, starving themselves as a teenager and becoming tough yet admired person as an adult.

The end result of this? We all laughed at the guy for being such an arrogant, delusional prick. I wonder if any of Beyonce's sycophantic friends will have the courage to set her straight and point out the problem with this idea: it makes her look completely self-absorbed.

Source: LA Times


Macaulay Culkin looks well

Oh wow look! They're making a proper Constantine film! Thank god they've actually gone with a blonde person instead of that black haired dullard Keanu Reeves.

Let's hope the person in that picture can pull off a decent British accent and is convincing as an embittered cancer sufferer, they certainly match the physical image of John Constantine, Alan Moore would be proud...wait is that the Home Alone boy?

Is former child star Macaulay Culkin hopelessly hooked on heroin?

The 31 year old has allegedly been seen by several eyewitnesses using a deadly mix of potent pre­scription drugs and unless he gets help, they say his secret addiction will kill him!

According to a blockbuster new report in the National Enquirer, the Home Alone star regularly shoots up heroin and the powerful prescription painkiller Oxycodone and nearly overdosed once.

According to the Enquirer Culkin spends up to $6,000 a month on other dangerous painkillers, and has turned his Manhattan apartment into his own private drug den where he gets high during hours alone or with his close circle of whacked-out pals.

The once golden boy’s drug use intensified about 18 months ago, say the insiders, when he fell into a downward spiral over his dead-end career and a shattered romance with Hollywood hottie Mila Kunis, who’s now dating Ashton Kutcher.

The fact that this journo feels the need to point out that Mac's turned his place into a drug den seems a bit redundant really. When do junkies not redecorate? It's not like they're going to need that coffee table any more, or that swivel chair, or that bed surround.

All they need is a mattress with a sheet, a toilet and a large space for them and their friends to do drugs in. Essentially what they've done is turn their abode into a more functional space. When you think of it that way, deciding to become a junky is not that dissimilar to preparing your home for the arrival of a new baby or an elderly family member.

It's a shame he didn't do what he did in Richie Rich and go crazy with his money. That way all he'd have done is build a McDonalds in his living room instead of filling it with needles, drug paraphernalia and other down and outs. Although a constant diet of Mcdonalds might have killed him faster than injectable painkillers.

Oh my god Radar spelled prescription 'pre-scription'. I despair.

Source: Radar Online


Inconsiderate Travellers #16

Two Inconsiderate Travellers in two days, aren't you lucky people! This one was actually sent to me by someone else (the Girlfriend actually) and, as you can tell, there is no need for The Floating Head of Henry Kissingeron the perpetrator...but that guy in the back ground might be embarrassed about wearing such a plain shirt so I've given him the identity protecting treatment instead.

Unlike other Inconsiderate Travellers this is one is different because it happened on an incredibly busy service instead of one that was intermittently busy. This is a train from St. Pancras to Bedford at 10pm which, as anyone who's ever travelled from St. Pancras will tell you, is one of the worst times to travel from that station.

It's hard to tell from this picture but I'm reliably informed that the train was standing room only, well, except for that guy's coat of course. I wonder why it gets it's own seat? What wonders and secrets are hiding amongst it's mysterious folds? A map to Atlantis maybe, or a folder containing the secrets of Area 51, or possibly the reason for Brian Dowling's continued employment despite a lack of any discernible talent.

Maybe it's just that the train was so hot he decided that placing the coat on his lap could potentially lead to spontaneous groin combustion. That would have been quite a sight, a man running around a busy train screaming and point at his flaming crotch.

If any of you would like to submit a picture for Inconsiderate Travellers send it to the email address at the top of the page. You don't need to worry about editing a Kissinger head into it either, I'll do all of that and still give you credit cos I'm awesome like that. Also be careful when taking pictures of strangers, there's an art to it which basically has one rule: don't get caught or you might get your head kicked in.

Because there's more to life than hyperbole, picking sides and not joining in the festivities for the site's 1 year anniversary! WOOOO PAARRRTAAAYYYY!!
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