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U.S. woman is sold a fake iPad made of wood in a McDonalds car parkGerman prostitutes in Bonn pay taxes by a meterOakfield House B&B Betws-Y-Coed Dog looks like ChewbaccaBritain's atomic clock is the most accurate in the worldCharlie Brooker's new TV showCave man immune system boosted by sexFred Goodwin rogue biscuit furyTubecrush.net pictureswealthy French people try to kick start their countries financial recovery'Naked Rambler' Stephen Gough arrested againkinetic energy to power mobile phonesKentucky truck driver to sue over penis amputationOhio State University publishes research into happiness weight gainRichard Branson's house is on fireVillage People star is suing for the rights to 33 songsChinese police dress monkey statues as traffic policeWas Coco Chanel a Nazi spy?Blade Runner sequelHarry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to get engagedMLS goalkeeper hit by bobble head toy Oxford English Dictionary 2011 updateAliens to attack earth because of pollution?Ealing Studios 80th Anniversary yearHappy Valley Llandudno

The Jersey Shore cast aren't popular with Abercrombie and FitchDog fakes it's own death! Folklift driver drops $1 million of wine


Because there's more to life than hyperbole, picking sides and constantly predicting global financial meltdown, thereby encouraging it
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