What's this site all about then?

december buttonChina using military grade drones to watch wild Oxon, Real Lego cars and Jermain Defoe based hype.

Cavemen training dogs, Surprisingly excellent amateur footballers and a really good trip to the theatre.

october-buttonLazy American soldiers, Pointless scientific studies, Planets that rain diamonds and some overrated films.

Dancing zoo animals, Flights that would scare the devil and loads of Inconsiderate Travellers.

august-buttonBig moves, Lovely breakfast treats, Rude reciepts, Toilet diving toddlers and Broken Pencils Vodcasts.

july-button-imageDeadly seagulls, An "Artist" marrying a bridge, Evil practical jokes, Inconsiderate Travellers and me leaving Wales for London

june-button-2013Men who are actually women, Women who are actually men, Rhino BBQ's, The death of the Xbox & Inconsiderate Travellers

may-buttonLots of holidays, Earthquakes, Asteroids, Lauryn Hill being mad, Adrian Chiles being childish and a Superman Parody Vodcast

april-buttonTrouser fines, Podcasts and Vodcasts, Pictures of Cardiff, Fake funerals, Twitter happiness graphs & Inconsiderate Travellers

march-buttonHorsemeat scandals, Justin Bieber phoning it in live, Podcasts, Nadine Coyle being silly & major Inconsiderate Travellers

february-2013-link-buttonMiddle aged missions to Mars, Hollywood's least desirable women, Beyonce Miming & Inconsiderate Travellers

Fast food funerals, Unsold Lance Armstrong DVD's, A Welshman fighting a shark and loads of new podcasts.


Because there's more to life than hyperbole, picking sides and waiting for some giant Mayan bird to swoop down & destroy the world, it'll probably end when aliens invade and The Avengers aren't there to stop them
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