What's this site all about then?

Piers Morgan running his mouth, films that don't exist, Beliebers being morons and Courtney bloody Love

A new Batman, the "Two and a Half Men" kid screwing up, Donkey candidates & Inconsiderate Travellers

Holiday snaps, £75 bangers & mash, Tom Hanks gets bribed, Skyfall's cast being secretive & the Iron Man 3 trailer

Angry Scientologists, Bane after Batman, Kim Kardashian being a dumbass and Biblical floods

Macaulay Culkin looking rough, Powerful Women, Strange Gigs, Inconsiderate Travellers & my 1 year anniversary

Taco pranks, life saving iPhone apps, Niall Horan swearing, Batman reviews, Madonna being a bitch and Inconsiderate Travellers

Kim Kardashian's airport shenanigans, Lauryn Hill's tax evasion, the fattest ever bride and loads of Inconsiderate Travellers

Racist adverts, the sad passing of MCA Adam Yauch, The Harry Potter Experience and The Cold War reenacted on Twitter

Shit art, The Avengers being really good, me wetting myself over Prometheus and Jazz FM playing porn during a broadcast

Batman getting pulled over, reporters asleep live on air, Inconsiderate Travellers and a very angry Russell Brand

Watchmen Prequels, freaky two headed cats, MIA flipping the bird and yet more Inconsiderate Travellers

Giant babies, Hugh Laurie cutting corners, futuristic multi-storey nature reserves and Inconsiderate Travellers


Because there's more to life than hyperbole, picking sides and waiting for some giant Mayan bird to swoop down & destroy the world, it'll probably end when aliens invade and The Avengers aren't there to stop them
Why All The Anger?
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